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FRPM.COM IDEAS TO COME  is a service that will 

work hand in hand with and                     Florida RacePlace Magazine - The Publication.

We Hope these services will allow each Race Director or Sport Related business to grow and also reach far more athletes in our resprcted markets.  


            Feel Free to Give us Your Ideas  



RacePlace Online  Magazine / Yearly 2017

Archive and Bi-Monthly OnLine Mailer


Constant Sign-Up and Eblast Services


Constant Contact Eblast Services     


Race Calendar Featuring  3 Rotating Races


Banner Placement On Calendar Pages 


Races PDF ( Magazine from,


Hot Link Calendar Races


Product Review 1 Per Month 


Business Magazine Ads Run Free Banner 


Business ads  Link/Video N/C  Price Above


RSS Feeds  Run / Triathlon


Run Triathlon Pace, Bike, Gear Charts


Training Videos / Run @ Triathlons 


Results / Runs / Triathlons  Local 2019


PodCast Service - Comming in Oct

Trainers / Chiropractors / Doctors /Massage service


RD Helper / Finish Line, Timing, Supplies, Other


Where to Buy Brand Bicycle, Shoes, Other


If You As a Race Director or Sport Related Business

Have any Ideas Please Send them To

Subject Line: FRPM.COM / Ideas