FRPM : What's Happening

Welcome to

Hope you are gearing up to the Spring/ Summer '14

Running scene in your area.

We are planning a big year in 2014 at FRPM 

We will be adding new elements for our readership

this coming year.  Keep on the lookout.


We have added our smart phone & Ipad online edition this summer.


We are also working on a NEW iphone/android app by the Summer

keep a lookout for this update.

If you have any ideas, for the site, please e-mail us at

Hope to see you at the races having fun this year


Check us for the exciting Mazada Multi Race Points '14


If you have a video you want added to our site please follow the instructions: 1. Must linked to a site like youtube, Vimeo or another video playing site 2. sent via email to add a subject line Sport Video 3. Give video a name like Gatorman tri's 2011, then email to us.


This is a Runner, Biker, Triathlete friendly Site.




FRPM Goes Digital 2014 


Top Events: USAT Race Director Certified

Join us for excellent managed & organized triathlons